Manager on Call

Manager on Call is a human resources consulting organization that provides on call people management expertise and support to leaders of people.  Our mission is to help leaders advance their management skills one leader at a time, as well as  to strengthen organizations through the support of their leaders. 

The origin of the word manager comes from the Latin words ‘manus’, meaning ‘hand’, and ‘agere’, meaning ‘to lead’. A manager is the one who leads by lending a hand to those he or she is leading. At Manager on Call, we are here to lend managers and organizations a hand right when they need it and to help them do the same for their teams.  

Manager on Call partners with all size and industries’ organizations to  provide the right service: our unique management support service and innovative model, the  Manager on Call; our leadership focused Coaching;  and our  broad array of Human Resources Consulting services. 



Founder and CEO

Cristina Heta is the Founder and CEO of Manager on Call.  Through Manager on Call, Cristina is fulfilling her passion and purpose for helping leaders advance their management skills, one leader at a time.  Cristina is a certified human resources consultant, coach, trainer, and an executive with over 20 years of experience managing operations, change and HR implementations in various organizations, from startups to Fortune 100, in the United States and Europe. 

Through her coaching, Cristina partners with individuals and their organizations to unlock potential and maximize performance.   As an executive coach and consultant, Cristina’s direct and demanding style pushes her clients through slight discomfort, gaining in return a great sense of accomplishment and reward.      As a trainer and a speaker, Cristina leverages her acting background  to ‘bring to stage’ dynamic and engaging presentations filled with stories, case studies and, most importantly, practical knowledge that can be applied on the job.

As a small business owner, Cristina has come full circle in her career.  Her professional success is measured by the number of managers, leaders and organizations that are positively impacted and transformed by the support and services provided by Manager on Call. 


The Manager on Call  team is  comprised of a network of Manager on Call professionals, whose passion and purpose are aligned with the company’s mission to help advance leaders and strengthen organizations. All Manager on Call professionals are human resources professionals, accredited executive coaches, learning and development experts and highly experienced managers of people with a tracked record of success in  those roles.     

In addition to bringing to their service their specific experiences, knowledge and skills, all Manager on Call professionals have completed the required education and training to earn them the Manager on Call designation and title, providing a consistent service across all clients. 


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