“Manager on Call is convenient, just a phone call away. My ‘Manager on Call’ was a good listener, making sure my problem and concern was fully understood.” Services

“Manager on Call is practical, gives you specific suggestions that you can actually apply, not theories and models. I recommend Manager on Call!” Hospitality

Director, Long Term Equity

“I needed to help a direct report understand that an urgent change in behavior on her part was critical to remain relevant in our new organization.   It was a delicate situation.  My Management did not want the conversation to trigger a voluntary exit at the time.  I called Manager on Call for help. The manager on call listened to the situation and the desired outcome attentively and asked numerous questions to clarify and confirm my thought. Then she laid out a structure for the conversation, and explained to me why this order of discussion points would be effective. It made complete sense. I used that structure to have the initial conversation and the outcome was very positive. The individual would have pushed back immediately in the past, but not this time. She agreed to the action plan and made the commitment to carry it out..”



Manager, Nursing Staff

“One of our nurses was missing work a lot, calling in at last minute with all kinds of reasons.  I talked to her about it but her absenteeism continued. I called a Manager on Call professional to figure out what could I do differently or better.  I explained to her my conversations with the nurse. Then, the Manager on Call helped me draft an action plan for me to follow with the nurse.  It was amazing; it was exactly what I needed! I felt I was just telling the nurse the same song over and over and it wasn’t having any impact on her. With the action plan, she realized this was serious and she had to change.  I even practiced how I would speak to the nurse with my Manager on Call – This was my favorite part.  By the time I spoke to the  nurse, I was so ready!! I would have honestly just fired her if it wasn’t for my wonderful “miracle helper”. I definitely recommend Manager on Call.  “





Manager, Human Resources

“Cristina is unmatched in her ability to diagnose, consult and deliver solutions on a variety of workplace issues spanning leadership, organizational effectiveness, and team dynamics.  She stands out as a trusted confidant with a wealth of experience in Human Resources and management across various disciplines and Fortune 100 companies.  Cristina also possesses deep skills in project management, process improvement and systems thinking that I have found invaluable as I’ve worked with her through different problems with much ambiguity.  She is passionate, honest and has been invaluable to my personal development.  I credit her for making me a better leader, HR professional and coach to my clients.  I wholeheartedly recommend Cristina and her team at Manager On Call!”



Director, Reporting  and Processes

“Working with Cristina was a wonderful experience as she pushed, prodded, and asked all of the right questions that I wish I was originally asking of myself.  Our sessions were flexible, and ranged from forcing me to think through all of the strategic priorities that “keep me up at night”, to the nagging concerns that I was naturally putting off in favor of easier objectives.  Her preparation was spot on, and her ability to articulate and summarize the scenarios I described helped to move our conversations along.  In times that I floundered to describe my intent, she was there to help right the ship, and keep the conversation moving in a valuable way.  Our sessions came at the perfect time in my career, and I greatly appreciated the partnership and investment in my success.”



Vice President, Human Resources

“Even as seasoned HR Executive, I felt like I was at a crossroads in my career planning where I needed coaching guidance. I reached out to Cristina to first have a dialogue on her coaching process and I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and depth of knowledge. After engaging Cristina as my coach I was able to quickly define my goals and objectives, organize my personal process and develop a key set of metrics and measures that kept me on target. Working with Cristina was a great experience as she brings together a synergy of practical business acumen and coaching information to help make the process successful. I’ve had productive outcomes from my coaching engagement with Cristina and moved forward with my personal goals and objectives much more quickly than I would have been able to on my own.”