What We Offer

Executive Coaching

Our coaching services are targeted to professional individuals who are ready and willing to grow. We partner with individuals and organizations to unlock and maximize performance through our coaching partnership.

Through our executive coaching service, we help leaders grow and develop beyond where they would reach on their own.

We partner with leaders and organizations  to help them achieve their desired goals.


True to our purpose to advance leaders’ management skills, these are some of the situations and topics we coach  leaders on: 

  •  Career Development
  •  Coaching Skills 
  •  Decision Making 
  •  Feedback Giving/Receiving 
  •  Leadership Skills
  •  Onboarding/Transitioning Roles
  •  Performance Management
  •  Self-Awareness
  •  Strategic Mindset Skills
  •  Team Performance Management
  •  Team Development/Effectiveness
  •  Virtual Team Management


What You Get

Packaged Attention. Worthwhile Results.

We offer two executive coaching packages with an engagement of three or  six months  each.  By establishing short-term engagements, we empower leaders to set focused and realistic goals, to have heighten  accountability for progress and results, and to build self-reliance,  avoiding the  coach-dependency that may occur with longer-term engagements.



Executive Coaching Packages include:

  • Discovery and Goal Setting Sessions
  • 360 interviews and/or assessments (as needed)
  • Two monthly 90 to 120-minute sessions (in person or via phone)
  • Developmental  exercises  and activities (as needed)
  • Checkpoints with management and/or human resources

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