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We offer facilitation and training services  to all size organizations in a broad array of topics.  Benefit from a professional facilitator who can help your team identify and solve the problem at hand, and reach and effective outcome through a structured discussion. A Manager on Call facilitator will provide  impartiality and objectivity,   will handle professionally the most challenging topics and/or audiences, and will help you reach an effective outcome.

We are experts on the design and facilitation of  new leader assimilation, strategy sessions, team effectiveness and design sessions,  team building exercises, objective and goal setting sessions, affirmative action reviews, performance calibrations, talent reviews, project requirements gathering sessions, and project management sessions.  We  can facilitate these or any other  program of yours.


Our training is customized to your organization and your team’s needs.  We develop, design and deliver  training programs that advance management skills and strengthen teams and organizations, such as:  basic management skills, advanced management skills,   soft skills training (giving and receiving feedback, listening skills, managing conflict and so on) and human resources specific training programs (hiring, managing development or coaching, among others).


We provide individual as well as team assessment services, in conjunction to any of our other services or as a stand-alone. After an initial consultation, where we learn about your needs, we provide you with our recommendation for a specific assessment service. Our assessments may include one or more of the following: 360 interviews (in person or by phone), 360 assessment surveys, on-the-job shadowing, personality assessment, communication style assessment, emotional intelligence assessment,  team assessment,  and team observance. 

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