What is Manager on Call?

Leadership when you need it 

Our number one service is the Manager on Call, a personal and flexible executive level service for the everyday manager at a fraction of the cost. 

A Manager on Call is an accredited executive coach, human resources professional and leadership trainer with a track record as an experienced manager, who provides support via phone to managers whenever they need it, assisting them with their everyday challenges and helping them grow and develop.  

“Advancing leaders’ management skills one leader at a time.”

An easy to engage service with many applications

Manager on Call professionals provide support to managers on hundreds of different management topics, such as:


  •  Change Management 
  •  Coaching Skills 
  •  Decision Making 
  •  Employee Development 
  •  Employee Engagement
  •  Employee Performance
  •  Feedback Giving/Receiving 
  •  Leadership Skills
  •  Mission and Vision Setting
  •  Objective and Goal Setting
  •  Onboarding Employees
  •  Performance Management
  •  Self-Awareness
  •  Strategic Mindset Skills
  •  Team Development
  •  Team Effectiveness
  •  Turnover and Retention
  •  Virtual Team Management


Why use Manager on Call?

Benefits to the organization 

  • Strengthen your leaders’ management skills on the job
  • Provide individual attention and support to your leaders without sacrificing your own resources’ time
  • Reduce volume of one-on-one calls from managers to your  HR department or Senior Leader, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives 
  • Allow your managers an avenue to ask  questions  that they may not ask an internal resource 
  • Obtain current summary data on the topics your managers are calling about, allowing you to identify trends and create additional targeted programs or solutions


Benefits to managers

  • Gain clarity and confidence on management decisions and actions 
  • Benefit from the confidentiality of a third-party professional conversation
  • Obtain tailored support on what matters to you 
  • Receive just-in-time leadership whenever you need it
  • Obtain the professional support needed to help you make decisions that will strengthen your team and improve productivity and results


Who uses Manager on Call?

A good fit for all sizes and industries


This large corporation had many online and in person management training programs and resources available for their employees.  A recently promoted executive was looking for individual guidance on how to develop an employee that showed growth limitations. Manager on Call, provided her with the ‘just in time’ on the job management guidance that she needed.


A medium size publishing house was looking to invest in their high potential leaders across their organization with a service suited for all management levels, while staying within budget.  Each leader was allocated six Manager on Call sessions, which were used by some as a platform to hone their leadership skills, and by others to help resolve on the job challenges. 


This  hotel franchise had seen an increase in employee dissatisfaction and turnover. In their exit surveys, employees consistently complained about managers. Manager on Call sessions.  provided managers the guidance and support they needed, and Manager on Call metrics helped the hotel leadership unveil and address hotel management policies that were causing employee dissatisfaction.


This small size medical  center had  eight management employees, one HR  staff and limited  training and development resources. The nursing manager had complained to HR of the high volume of nurses’ absenteeism. Through Manager on Call sessions, the nurse manager felt equipped to manage and turn around the situation.    

How do I get started?

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